Spline Shafts – Custom Shafts

For over 50 years Delta Gear Company has been manufacturing Custom Motor Shafts.  Our experience in manufacturing these items has taught us the importance of concentricity, roundness, and size control.  At present we have over 4000 skews (SKUs) on our active part number list.Delta Manufactures Custom Shafts

Material In Stock – Precision Grinding- Quick Turnaround

Our machinery list includes CNC milling and turning, CNC Swiss Turning, centerless, cylindrical grinding, thread rolling, and internal and surface broaching. In order to manufacture custom shafts to the highest quality, Delta Gear Company has added machinery and processes over the years.  As a result, we have become a fully integrated gear and shaft producer for our customers. From Blanking through Hobbing / Milling / Broaching and on to Finish Grinding, Delta Gear Company provides all of the machining processes required in house to complete your custom shafts order.

Custom Rotor ShaftsOur customer list includes the leading companies in the small electrical appliance and motor industry.  Other manufacturers and O.E.M. accounts use our products in hydraulic motors, electronic timing devices, computers, automobiles, over the road equipment, aircraft, electric hoists motor trucks, chemical feed pumps, vending machines, nuclear cooling industry, lawn and garden tractors, and power tools, both electric and air.