Delta Gear Company – Manufacturers of Custom Gears and Custom Shafts

Delta Gear Company – family owned since its inception in 1956

Production employees with more than of 35 years experience in manufacturing

Our GOAL is to be the BEST COST PRODUCER of Custom Gears & Custom Shafts

Custom Shaft ManufacturerCentrally located in Fenton, MO a suburb of St. Louis

Convenient shipping to

  • Continental US
  • Mexico
  • Canada

Requests for quotation receive prompt, personal attention –

For over 50 years Delta Gear Company has been manufacturing Custom Gears and Custom Motor Shafts.  Our experience in manufacturing these items has taught us the importance of concentricity, roundness, and size control.

Over 4000 skews (SKUs) on our active part number list.

  • CNC Swiss Turning
  • CNC Chucker Turning
  • Twin Spindle Twin Turret Bar Fed Lathes
  • Four Axis CNC Vertical Milling
  • CNC and Cam/Gear Hobbing
  • Center less and Cylindrical Grinding
  • Surface and Internal Broaching
  • Automatic Honing

We are committed to American Manufacturing and the American Worker

Capacity for Large Quantities – Precision for Quality Shaft & Gear Cutting

Current Machinery & Processes Include

  • Bar Fed Turning
    • CNC Swiss Turning Centers
      • 16mm up to 32mm Bar Feed Capacity
    • CNC Twin Spindle Twin Turret
      • Up to 41mm Bar Feed Capacity
  • CNC Turning
    • CNC Chucker Style Lathes
      • Capacity up to 28 inch swing over bead and 60 inch turning lengths
  • CNC Milling
    • CNC Vertical Milling Centers
      • Up to 40 position tool changing capacity
  • Gear Production
    • Magazine fed Shaft Hobbing Centers
    • Hobbing Centers
  • Grinding
    • Centerless Grinding Centers
    • Cylindrical Grinding Centers
  • Broaching
    • Vertical Broaching Centers
    • Horizontal Broaching Center
  • Thread and Worm Rolling
    • Tesker 215 twin die Rolling
  • Balancing
  • Staking
    • 50 Ton Hydraulic Press
    • 5 Ton Automatic Indexing 8 station Hydraulic Press
  • Assembly
    • Numerous custom assembly fixtures