Delta Custom Gears and Custom Shafts

Delta Gear Company - Custom Gear Manufacturer
Delta Gear Company Manufacturer of Custom Shafts
Spur Gears and Helical Gears

  • Pinion Shafting to 24 inch OAL and 6” OD
  • Flat Gearing Up to 12 inch Diameter

Worm Gears

  • Single and Double Enveloping Worm Gears
  • Rolled and Cut Worm forms on Shafting


  • SAE and NDP forms up to 12 inches OD
Bar Feed Swiss Turning up to 1.250” (32mm) OD
Between Centers Turning up to 24” OAL
Cylindrical Grinding up to 19” OAL
Centerless Grinding up to 1.0625” Diameter